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The Irish start-up T-Pro wanted to test the potential of a expandation into the german healthcare market of its digital product – a dictation solution with speech recognition for the use in clinics and hospitals.

  • The testing phase should take place directly within Germany, also among other things, to avoid potential language barriers. Costs and personnel expenses were to be kept as low as possible. Above all, T-Pro required holistic support with specialist knowledge in the digital health sector – from regulatory affairs to marketing, sales, technical implementation and IT support.
  • The aim was to create a realistic assessment of whether and to what extent market entry and investment in the German market would make sense for T-Pro.


What is T-Pro? T-Pro is a company based in Dublin, wich successfully markets a dictation solution with AI-based speech recognition. This can be used by doctors and physicians for medical documentation as well as to improve internal workflows and distribution workflows and saves a lot of time as well as quite a few steps within the medical documentation in hospitals.

Why DHP? The german company sees itself as a full service provider around the topic of digital health. With a team of marketing, sales and IT experts as well as diverse partner networks, it supports (foreign) start-ups through establishing themselves in the German market.


Jonathan Larbey –
CEO of T-Pro:

“The DHP’s 100-day proof-of-market sprint program was a good first step for us and incredibly valuable for an assessment of what is currently happening in the German market. Working with DHP has helped us better assess our opportunities with sound results and has given us direct access to potential customers. During the 100 days we were very well supported – all our questions regarding the lead generation process were answered quickly and conscientiously, which quickly led to the development of a strong relationship of trust. I was particularly impressed by the quick success of presenting our dictation solution to a first customer as well as the very friendly and results-oriented teamwork. For this reason, I can highly recommend DHP’s market entry program.”


DHP offers international digital health companies to evaluate their market entry in Germany and establish initial customer contacts via the 100-day “Proof-of-market-Sprint” program. The Onboarding focuses on getting to know each other as well as project organization and understanding the product and previous market activities, target groups, references and sales processes from the customer’s perspective. In phase 2, based on this, concrete insights into the market and the target groups are gained through analyses and research, which ultimately result in well-founded marketing materials as well as a fact sheet in German language. In the action phase, intensive market cultivation and lead generation takes place through a multi-channel approach to the leads, through the use of various inbound and outbound activities. Finally, the findings and the obtained leads are summarized and presented in a reporting process. As closing to the project, the further steps are discussed.

For T-Pro, the program was implemented from October 2021 to January 2022

T-Pro was always fully informed about the procedure in detail and received an information update from DHP every two weeks.

In this regard, the Irish start-up particularly emphasized the good project communication and the collegial teamwork. During the 100 days, the irish company could always be sure, that DHP was actively advancing its interests, according to own statements.


As part of the 100-day proof-of-market sprint program, DHP was able to design a proper market entry strategy for T-Pro in Germany. At the same time, DHP already developed initial sales opportunities with potential customers:

  • Initially, three different target groups were addressed:
    Hospitals, MVZs and medical clinics. The focus was shifted fully to hospitals early on, as they quickly emerged as the ideal target group for T-Pro and offered the greatest potential.

  • 17 of the hospitals expressed explicit interest in the T-Pro dictation solution. One in four leads wanted more information about the solution.
  • One of these hospitals received a demo to evaluate T-Pro, its USPs and the potential of the solution in detail. Internal testing is already taking place.
  • Two hospitals are strongly interested in T-Pro‘s dictation solution and are potentially willing to implement and realize the solution as part of the Hospital Futures Act grant.

The DHP also developed a wide range of findings on the potential for optimizing the product market fit to further increase market entry opportunities in Germany. In the case of T-Pro, for example:

  • Presentation of the various government subsidies in Digital Health, in particular the Hospital Future Act and the associated opportunities for T-Pro.

  • Establishment of interfaces for integration into already existing IT to ensure seamless integration into the system landscape.

Based on the results, T-Pro obtains a realistic assessment of the opportunities for market entry in Germany.

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