Case Study



The Irish company SyncroPhi Systems ltd. Located in Galway, Ireland would like to launch its product KEWS300 on the German market.

  • It was important to test the German market without incurring any high fixed costs. SyncroPhi initially did not want to open a branch in Germany and starting a test phase from Ireland was also not an option
  • Avoiding language barriers: the marketing measures (telephone campaigns, presentations) were to be in German
  • The company wanted to find out whether clinics in Germany show any specific interest in the software and how KEWS300 would fit into the German hospital landscape


What is SyncroPhi? The company from Galway was founded in 2007 with
the focus on the development of a software for recording patients vital
sign observations directly at the point of care. In addition to the fully digital
data acquisition, KEWS300 is also able to initiate escalation processes in the
event of abnormalities within the observations data and to show recommendations
for further actions which should be considered by the staff.

The KEWS300 product is already very successfully established on the domestic market and the UK. The software makes things a lot easier when performing ward rounds in hospitals: time savings, avoidance of repetition when entering data and the elimination of frequent errors
when manually transferring the vital data into the hospital information system. The patient is clearly identified via a QR code on the wrist, which is scanned during the ward round. This ensures that the observation data is always assigned to the correct patient and, thanks to the integration
with the hospital information system, the entire process is mapped fully digitally.

How did their contact with Germany come about? The cooperation between SyncroPhi and the DHP was arranged by Enterprise Ireland, an organisation of the Irish government that supports Irish businesses expand into international markets.

Why DHP? The German company sees itself as a full-service provider for all aspects of digital health. With a team of marketing, sales and IT experts along with a diverse network of partners, it supports (foreign) start-ups and companies establish themselves in the German market.


David Toohey – CEO of SyncroPhi Systems Ltd.:

„We experienced the 100-day ‚Proof-of-market Sprint‘ as a very cooperative and trustful collaboration with the Digital Health Port. We were able to gain very important insights into the German healthcare market in a very short time and were always informed about the processes and actively involved in them thanks to regular communication with DHP. Due to the very positive experience with DHP and the market opportunities that were generated, we have intensified our collaboration with DHP beyond the 100-day programme.“


DHP offers a 3-stage package for marketing eHealth products:

  1. Sales and Lead generation
  2. Project planning and implementation
  3. First- and second-level-support
Stage 1 is divided into: Onboarding › Preparation › Action › Closing

For SyncroPhi, it implemented stage 1 as a „Proof-of-Market Sprint“ within a 100-day programme from June to September 2021.

DHP researched a suitable mix of suitable hospitals and clinics, made contact and introduced them to the product through marketing activities and demo presentations.

SyncroPhi was always kept informed about the individual steps during regular update calls, usually every 2 weeks. The Irish company highlighted reliability and trust when working together as particularly positive aspects of the collaboration. This also included suggestions and constructive feedback from the DHP in order to be able to promote the KEWS300 software even better in Germany.


Targeted marketing and sales activities during the „Proof-of-Market Sprint“ have already resulted in several leads:

  • A total of 11 clinics wanted more information, but needed more time to make further decisions. › A follow-up is needed during the next few months.

  • Two of these contacts have even indicated very strong interest and have already opted for a further product presentation.
  • Activation of two indirect sales channels with hardware vendors specialised on hospitals. One located in the UK and the other one located in Germany.

On the basis of the results, SyncroPhi was able to obtain a realistic assessment of its market opportunities and to generate very promising contacts within German hospitals. DHP was also able to provide important feedback on the basis of the sales activities, so that SyncroPhi can tailor its software and presentations even better to the German healthcare market.

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