For Entrepreneurs

You want to accelerate your healthcare venture case with us? In addition to capital, we invest industry know-how and operational expertise – independent of round labels – in startups and innovative grownups.

We offer

Expertise – we focus exclusively on the healthcare industry

Smart money – in addition to capital, we bring our international network and operational support to the table

Development – back-/frontend developers and designers with experience in the healthcare sector

Access – established network of healthcare providers, industry, pharma and research

Partnership – our investor base consists of well-known companies in the healthcare industry which can be partner, customer, exit channel for your venture

Flexibility – we offer participation models from smart capital to typical capital increases to majority participations

Additional support – further consulting services via group companies

We are looking for

Strong value propositions that deliver demonstrable, positive health outcomes, achieve cost reductions, increase access to care or significantly improve the patient/provider experience

Attractive markets with high growth potential

Existing, defensible business models with barriers to entry

Growth, professionalization and transformation cases