Meet us at the DMEA
from April 26th to 28th, 2022
in Berlin

This year, after a two-year Covid break, Europe’s most important trade fair for digital healthcare will take place in Berlin. We would be pleased to welcome you at our booth F110 in hall 2 at the DMEA. Talk to our experts about your digital health solution. In all facets: from coding to selling to funding, we offer you tailor-made services.
DMEA 2022 Berlin

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You can use our contact form to make an appointment directly with one of our employees at our booth F110 in hall 2 at the DMEA. If you would like to discuss a specific topic with us, we would be pleased if you let us know via the message field. See you soon in Berlin 🙂

DMEA - Europe's biggest digital health trade fair

The DMEA has been THE highlight in Europe for many years when it comes to digital health innovations. Every year, over 10,000 trade visitors from the healthcare, medical technology, pharmaceutical, homecare and other service providers flock to enter into dialogue with over 600 international exhibitors from 27 countries. The DMEA is indisputably Europe’s leading event for the digitization of the healthcare system. The program mix with various modules from congress, training and networking allows visitors to DMEA to find out more about current developments, products & Experience services, get further training and ideally make national and international contacts in the industry.

Renaming of conhIT to DMEA

Anyone who has been following the digital healthcare industry for some time probably still knows the DMEA under the old name conhIT. Until 2018, conhIT was the forerunner of DMEA. Then the renaming followed in order to set a clear signal for the strategic and content-related further development of the overall concept – also in the international environment. The aim of conhIT, or now DMEA, has always been to advance the digitization of the healthcare system and to bring the actors involved together. If you would like to learn more about the background to the renaming of conhIT to DMEA, you can Dive deeper here.

Federal Association of Health IT – bvitg e. V. as the driving force behind the DMEA

The DMEA or at that time still the conhIT are on the initiative of the Federal Association of Health IT – bvitg e. V. emerged. The bvitg e. V. is working intensively to establish health IT for all areas of care in order to improve the health care of people in Germany in the long term. In addition, the bvitg e.V. also contributes to international exchange in the digital health ecosystem and thus contributes to making innovative health services accessible worldwide. If you would also like to get involved, you can become a member of bvitg e.V. here and support the work.

Stay up to date online with #DMEA22

Networking at the DMEA does not only take place during the trade fair days at the end of April. Even before the trade fair, many exciting ideas can be found on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook under the hashtag #DMEA22. Contacts can be made here before the trade fair and specific appointments can be arranged. In addition to #DMEA22, there are also other spellings of the hashtag in circulation that are worth subscribing to: #DMEA2022 #DMEA

Since success in digital health depends heavily on networking in this ecosystem, strategic partnerships and consortia, we recommend that you also follow the postings under #DMEA22 during and after the trade fair.

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We look forward to welcoming you virtually 🙂

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