For investors

Through our investment unit, we offer the opportunity to invest in innovative healthcare companies. The primary goal is to achieve an above-average financial return. An essential additional component is to establish access to healthcare startups and corporate innovation cases and to actively facilitate this exchange.

We offer

Dealflow – we establish connections and access to international companies

Return on investment – every investment is an attractive financial investment case

Unfair Advantage – we bring more than capital and accelerate our investments with network and operational know-how

Synergies – by actively promoting the exchange between investor and entrepreneur we create additional added value for both sides

Advantage – identification of new technologies, talents and methods on a global level

Cooperation – with innovative teams and exchange of experts

Visibility – building a network and positioning the company in the (digital) healthcare venture scene

Speed – up to 10x faster time to market, no “politics”

Cost savings – up to 20% of costs compared to internal development

Security – in advance of acquisitions (test before you buy)

Additional consulting services – Digital labs, internal venture building, intrapreneurship programs, ecosystem building, etc. via group companies.

We are looking for

Investors with a background or interest in healthcare

A basic willingness to engage with DHP Capital and portfolio companies

Long-term partnerships